Gwen and Arthur Pendragon

Arthur's relationship with Guinevere has been difficult and slow burning. Arthur became gentle and kind in his dealings with Gwen, he listened to her opinions, and didn't react with anger when she reprimanded him (The Moment of Truth, The Once and Future Queen). Arthur cared about her deeply and they enjoy being in each other's company. With Gwen, it became clear that despite his faults and hard demeanour, he was capable of deep love, risking his life to save her,(Lancelot and Guinevere) against his father's wishes.

He proclaimed to Merlin how thinking about her "hurt" because he knew they could not be together, and he didn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. He went on to tell Merlin that he cared about her more than anybody else, leaving Merlin shocked at Arthur's openness, and saddened by his unlucky situation. Arthur is a lot more caring when it comes to Gwen. When it became clear she had feelings for Lancelot too, he reverted back to his hard demeanour, telling harsh lies and pushing Gwen away, though when she was gone it appeared he was quite heartbroken. Their relationship was fixed when Gwen freed him from a love spell, though they still could not publicly act on their feelings.

Unlike most people Arthur usually called Gwen by her full name. At the beginning of series 3, the development of their relationship was at a stand still because of the search for Morgana, but when Uther went mad, Gwen went to see and support Arthur before he went off to battle. Gwen stated that she trusted him more then any man but still calls him Sire, even though Arthur told her that she didn't have to. He did however feel more confident after her visit.

Later Arthur was turned into a donkey which only Gwen saw. This embarrassed him and after the goblin had been detained they were both more than happy to forget the recent events that had occurred (Goblin's Gold). He showed his jealousy of Gwaine when he saw him flirting with Gwen (Gwaine). They were a comfort to each other when Morgana was badly injured (The Crystal Cave). When Uther tried to force Arthur into marriage, the prince was adamant that he wouldn't marry Princess Elena because he didn't love her. Both he and Gwen were distressed at the thought, and they both had their first heart-to-heart about the future. Arthur didn't fully realise how much Gwen loved him until this but she couldn't stop the marriage as she was a servant. In the end Arthur couldn't go through with it, much to his, Gwen's and Elena's relief, and they both shared a moment on the stairs after the ceremony. Arthur was also willing to risk his life for her and her brother. Riding to the castle where an enemy king, Cenred was waiting, Arthur publicly told her that she wouldn't have to worry about being scared as she has him, which made her smile. When Gwen told him that if anything happened to him she would never forgive herself, Arthur reassured her that it wouldn't. They shared a tender moment in the woods and almost kissed, but Morgana interrupted them.

Arthur made Gwen promise to ride for Camelot when he feared she would die, but Gwen disobeyed and waited for him outside to make sure he was safe which surprised Arthur. At the end of their adventure she thanked him for saving her brother and he replied "It's what you do when you love someone". Before he left on his quest for the Fisher King's Trident Gwen went to visit him to make sure that he'd be safe. He reassured her and kissed her goodbye. She was greatly relieved when he returned seemingly unharmed. When Camelot is taken by Morgana, Arthur is driven by the hope of reaching Gwen and his father, even when he learns the citadel has been taken and both are likely dead. He is delighted when she escapes to come to him and he offers her a place at the Round Table. Though he leaves her with Gaius to prepare for treating the wounded, he openly admits their relationship, saying he doesn't care who sees in case he never comes back. After the battle, he reunites with her, kissing her in front of all his knights. Following Arthur being made king, Arthur and Gwens relationship became more openly known. Arthur temporarily ended their relationship, following the advice of Agravaine, who told him that as king he had to apply to certain standards.

However, following his realisation of the mistakes he had made, after ending the war with Queen Annis, he went home and apologised to Gwen. Eventually Arthur decided to marry Gwen, and after proposing, he held a great tournament to celebrate, and show his affection. However, upon Lancelot's return, and Morgana's love spell, Gwen was strongly drawn towards with him, and ended up kissing him in the royal court. Where Arthur, led by Agravaine, caught them. Angered and heart broken Arthur had Gwen thrown in the dungeon for disloyalty, but decided not to execute her. Instead he had her exiled, although he admitted to Merlin he still loved her and he would likely soon find a way to forgive her. However, he now felt he could never trust her again (Lancelot Du Lac). Despite her betrayal, Arthur greatly missed Gwen and although he briefly developed feelings for Princess Mithian, Arthur contiued to love Gwen. Arthur was later reunited with Gwen when Morgana overthrew Camelot again. Although he was initially happy to see her, Arthur still remembered her betrayal and coldly rejected her. However, he allowed Gwen to join him when he recaptured Camelot from Morgana. He finally forgave her when Isolde, a smuggler who they encountered, died in the arms of her lover, Tristan, realising that he could not lose Gwen forever. He then married Gwen and crowned her Queen of Camelot.